Email Delivery



 All AHIA communications with its members is by Email only, including communications about its events and functions, general community information and notices of General Meetings and Elections etc.  It is therefore essential to have a valid Email Account to fully participate in AHIA activities.

There could be a number of reasons if you have not been getting emails.


 Your membership is not currently valid. 

Annual Members membership is for one year i.e. from July 1 to June 30 of the following year and needs renewal every year. AHIA has however waived the renewal fees for the year beginning 1 July 2020 due to Coronavirus.

Up to date list of current members is available at the Seniors Meeting.

Alternatively the Secretary or the Treasurer may be contacted at or


AHIA does not have your correct email address.

The email address may never have been provided or may have changed since it was provided. is used as a dummy address if no address is available.


Please verify the email address on AHIA records by contacting the Secretary or the Treasurer.


 Your email provider has classified emails from the AHIA Email service provider as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’.

Check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder.

If AHIA emails are in these folders make appropriate changes to accept these emails in future.


The email address is correct but you are not receiving any emails.

If your email address is correct request the Secretary or the Treasurer to test email address by sending test email through Member Jungle and by their personal email service.


Your email service provider is not accepting any emails from jungle.

This can happen if:
-   Your email service provider does not consider AHIA email service provider to be safe
-   If you are using your or your children’s  work email address and the work email is changed
-  Your inbox is full e.g. you were overseas and the emails were not attended to.  (This can be fixed by deleting emails from your inbox.)

AHIA will forward to you any message received from our service provider regarding this to your mobile or your mailing address if available. (Please note such message will be forwarded only once.)  You should take up non-receipt of emails with your email service provider.


 You have unsubscribed from emails by clicking on 'unsubscribe' button inadvertently.

 Only you personally can subscribe to the email you have unsubscribed from.  AHIA/Administrator cannot do it on your behalf.

   -   Log-on as Member with User Id and Password.    
   -  User Id is usually your First Name, Underscore Character and your Last Name e.g. Kali_Gupta for Mr. Kali Gupta.
      Contact Administrator if this is not accepted by the System.
      Follow procedure under FAQ Password to obtain password If this is your first log-in or you have forgotten your Password

   - 'My Account' screen is displayed

 -   Check ‘Marketing Preferences’ on ‘My Account Screen’.  It should be 'Unmute Marketing Emails'. 
 -   Click on the message or on email; symbol.  It will change to 'Mute Marketing Emails'.    (It is a toggle switch.)                   

 Raise  Support Request with Member Jungle

 Request the Secretary or the Treasurer to escalate the issue with Member Jungle if above steps have not resolved the issue.


Note:  All communications with you may be recorded on your membership record for future reference.