Password is required by AHIA Members to access areas restricted to members only.
Use following procedure to obtain new password when you become a member or have forgotten your password.
Steps to get new password: 
  • Go to website
  • Click on 'Members Login' button on the top right-hand corner.  
  • This will take you to the Members Log-in screen.  Enter your Username and click  'Forgot Your Password' box and click on Password Reset button.
  • The System will display User Login/Password Reset screen.  Enter:
    -  your Username.   It is normally your First Name and Last Name separated by underscore ( _ ) character.
        Contact System Administrator if message 'User Not Found',   

         Else contact System Administrator for your Username. 
    - your Email Address. 
    - click on 'I am not a robot' button and

    - Click on 'Password Reset' button.
    The System will send you a temporary password to your email address.  

    Use your Username and this password to login.  
    Change the password to the password of your choice.