Update Personal Details


  1. Personal Details


AHIA Members can add/update their own personal details themselves.

               Details that can be added /updated include:
               - Address
               - Email Address
               - Mobile No.
               - Phone No.

  1. Procedure


i)       Log-in as a member using your Username and Password.   

                Username is normally your First Name and Family Name separated by ‘_’ i.e. the underscore character. 
Follow the procedure Password under FAQs to obtain your password if you do not have a password or have forgotten the password.

 (ii)      Open My Memberships tab.   

(iii)    Add/update particulars as required.

  1. Note:


  1. Postal Address is not used by AHIA.


  1. You cannot change your First Name, Last Name and Spouse Name, Mobile No., Phone No. or Wedding Date using this feature.   Please contact the Secretary, the Treasurer or the Sandesh  Editor to change these details.